Bagley Wright Theater

Seattle Rep

March 15-16, 2024

Spectrum Dance Theater and Artistic Director/Choreographer Donald Byrd Invite You to Experience “Grief”

On August 28, 1955, Emmett Till, a 14-year-old Black boy from Chicago, IL, visiting relatives in Leflore County, Mississippi, was abducted and brutally murdered for whistling at a white woman. 

Grief’, a dance/theater piece, imagines a moment an hour before Till’s funeral in the life of his mother, Mamie Till-Mobley.

Spectrum Dance Theater


Soreng Theater, Hult Center  |  Eugene, Oregon
February 23rd — 24th, 2024

Grief (2021) by Donald Byrd returns to the stage this February in Eugene, OR.

The 2021 Insidious Trilogy piece Grief, choreographed by Donald Byrd, returns this February 2024. Featuring the 2023/24 SDT Company, Associate, and Guest Artists.

Grief follows the aftermath of the work Strange Fruit and explores the subsequent emotions of the traumatic experiences of Black people during the Jim Crow era proceeding slavery. Byrd explores the full range of emotions of a mother figure like Mamie Till after losing her son Emmet Till – only able to imagine his suffering. In this brand new work, the company will delve deep into the fury and pain Mamie Till felt. Byrd believes Mamie was led by her grief when she made the decision to present her son’s body in an open casket funeral. Byrd also speculates that she aimed to “amplify” her pain and humanize her son in the moment. Whether it was an act of self-preservation or a decision made out of pure outrage, her choice changed the course of history. The Spectrum Dance Theater company marinates in her pain and suffering to connect to the deep-seated emotions of not just Mamie Till, but mother’s everywhere.

The School of Spectrum Dance Theater



January 2nd, 2024 – February 17th, 2024

Session 3 dance classes at the school of Spectrum Dance Theater kick off January 2nd, 2024 after a much needed holiday break. This is the final opportunity for new students to enroll in tuition/ session-long classes. 

We encourage you to browse through the various contemporary, jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical movement and fitness classes. 

School Director Stephanie Guiland and her supporting staff have been hard at work tweaking and updating our class offerings this session. We look forward to you or your youth joining us for classes in the new year!

The School of Spectrum Dance Theater


Ages 18mo – 5yo 

The Children’s Division is designed to provide a rich, nurturing, and structured dance environment that focuses on the whole child and allows each child’s creativity and individuality to shine!

  • Creative Movement: Grown-up & Me
The School of Spectrum Dance Theater


Ages 5-18 

The School of Spectrum Dance Theater provides youth classes that cater to all levels of experience in dance and movement. These classes include opportunities for creative movement and skill development, suitable for those who are new to dance as well as those who wish to further their dance education with a diverse range of classes.

  • Pre-Ballet / Ballet  (I – VII)
  • Pointe (Intro – Beginner – Intermediate)
  • Jazz (I – VII)
  • Pre-Tap/ Tap (Beginner-Intermediate)
  • Mini/ Pre-Teen/ Teen Hip Hop
  • Creative Contemporary & Dance Making
  • Advanced Contemporary
  • Donald Byrd Contemporary Technique
  • Intro to Choreography
  • Global Dance
The School of Spectrum Dance Theater


Children + Youth 

Cost: $15 -$18

Looking for movement and dance without a session-long commitment?

The School of Spectrum Dance Theater offers teen + toddler drop-in classes for those interested in bringing dance to their routines!


  • Monday:  Global Dance | Ages 12-18yo | 7:00PM – 8:30PM
  • Wednesday: Creative Movement | Ages 18mo – 2yo | 9:00AM – 10:00AM
  • Friday: Creative Movement | Ages 3-4.5yo | 9:00AM – 10:00AM
  • Friday: Pre-Teen Hip Hop Choreography| Ages 9-12yo | 5:00PM- 6:00PM
  • Friday: Teen and Adult Hip Hop Choreography ||Ages 13-18yo | 6:15PM – 7:15PM
The School of Spectrum Dance Theater


Ages 13 – 65+

Rate: $15 – $18/ Non-Senior Rate 

Rate: $10- $15 / Senior Rate* as defined by AARP

The School of Spectrum Dance Theater offers a variety of movement and technique-based instruction for teens, adults, and seniors of all physical capacities and experience levels.

Sign up for weekly classes as you go or enroll in the entire session of classes.

  • Mon/Wed/Fri: Hybrid Fitness for Living | 18+ | 9:00AM – 10:00AM
  • Monday: Global Dance | 13+ | 7:00PM -8:30PM
  • Tue/Thurs: Adult Jazz | 18+ | 10:00AM – 11:30AM
  • Tuesday: Open Ballet Basics| 15+ | 6:30PM – 7:45PM
  • Wednesday: Open Intro to Donald Byrd Contemporary | 15+ | 10:30AM – 12:00PM
  • Wednesday: Open Pilates | 15+ | 4:30PM – 5:30PM
  • Wednesday: Open Tap Refresher| 15+ | 5:30PM – 6:30PM
  • Thursday: Intro to Choreography | 13+ | 6:00PM – 7:30PM (Seven Week Packages Only)
  • Friday: Open B.K Floor Barre | 15+ | 10:30AM – 12:00PM
  • Friday: Open Beginner Intermediate Funk Jazz | 18+ | 5:00PM – 6:30PM
  • Friday: Teen and Adult Hip Hop Choreography | 13+ | 6:00PM – 7:00PM
  • Saturday: Ballet “It’s Elementary” | 13+ | 11:00AM – 12:30PM


Produces contemporary dance of a global caliber.

Educates the community about dance as an art form and social/civic instrument.

Provides expert, diverse dance instruction to all.


About Spectrum Dance Theater

Spectrum Dance Theater (SDT) was founded in 1982 to bring dance of the highest merit to a diverse audience composed of people from different social, cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds. Our principal objective is to make the art form of dance accessible through contemporary dance performances and high-quality training in a variety of dance styles.

Under Donald Byrd’s visionary artistic leadership since 2002, the organization has embarked on an exhilarating transformation that has attracted world-class dancers, produced some of the most ambitious works in contemporary dance, and generated local and national praise.


  • To produce and present contemporary dance of global caliber that challenges expectations and calls forth strong emotions, deep feelings, and thoughtful responses.
  • To provide expert dance instruction in diverse dance forms to all.
  • To educate the community about dance as an art form and as a social/civic instrument.


  • To move dance and the arts from the marginal and ancillary to a central position among community activities.
  • To make dance and the arts integral partners in civic dialogue, promoting healthy communities.
  • To have dance and the arts be considered part of the solution to the challenges facing our communities.

Core Values

  • That a contemporary dance aesthetic enables dance to convey socially relevant themes.
  • Support of creativity, the creative process, and innovation.
  • That exposure, education, and training in the performing arts can be a transforming experience for individuals and communities.
  • That the arts – live performing arts in particular – are an essential element of healthy communities.
  • That promoting arts literacy improves arts accessibility.
  • Programming, education, and training that bridges cultures.
Three components comprise the organization:
the professional Company, the School, and Community Engagement programs.

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