I’m not quite sure where to begin… Perhaps, I should create ground rules for myself about what I will or will not write about; make a decision on how formal or informal this blog will be… What I do know is I don’t want it to be like those Facebook postings that are mundane information that pollute with banality and makes me want to hide permanently that person’s comments. I hope I can find an inviting balance between information about Spectrum and my relationship with it and my personal thoughts/considerations on dance, aesthetics, and art – to create a tone that is not to loose and chatty but also not stiff and desiccated.

Also, there are the questions of how much or little of my personal life, details and experiences, should I include and what is the relationship of my personal with my position as artistic director at Spectrum?

For example, I am writing this in my room at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam (it is my favorite hotel in the world) … I am en route from Gothenburg, Sweden where I performed at 24kvadrat (an intimate, charming, and green colored performance space) with Maud Karlsson (former dancer in Donald Byrd/The Group), Siv Ander (a 70 year old beauty and former dancer with Cullberg Ballet) and Tommy Håkansson… Tonight I will have dinner with Scott deLahunta (an Amsterdam based researcher, writer, consultant and organizer on a wide range of international projects bringing performing arts into conjunction with other disciplines and practices, whose also a friend that has moved and touched me in so many ways with his intelligence and sensitivity). Does any of this contributes to or shapes my decisions as artistic director or helps you the reader to understand the choices I make in that position? Maybe what is more pertinent and directly related is I met with Paul Selwyn Norton, a Netherlands based choreographer, who I would like to bring to Seattle to work with Spectrum? I don’t know …

As I ponder these questions, information, and facts, they all seem to have some bearing on what might be happening and what you might be seeing and experiencing at Spectrum in the near future. How they fit together, I don’t quite know as of yet – but I am sure they must fit.

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