Vincent Michael Lopez

Vincent Michael Lopez began his dance career receiving the Oprah Winfrey Scholarship in 2005 to study at Alvin Ailey. In 2008, Vincent became a co-founding member of the touring company Wideman/Davis Dance and also joined Spectrum Dance Theater. Other performances include guest artist engagements with Whim W’Him, Dominic Walsh Dance Theater, The 5th Avenue Theatre, and the Seattle Opera, among others. Vincent left Spectrum in 2015 to pursue a one-year residency in Alaska and a three-month residency in Dhaka, Bangladesh teaching dance workshops to children with limited arts access. Shortly after Vincent returned to Seattle in 2017, he premiered an evening-length ballet titled Noraefa, which was re-staged for Spectrum in April 2019. Vincent is now in his 9th season with Spectrum Dance Theater.

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