• Students are registered when full payment has been received and when all paperwork has been completed, signed and returned to Spectrum.
  • Tuition is non-refundable, unless there is a medical note from a licensed practitioner.
  • Spectrum reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment.  If Spectrum cancels a class, Spectrum will provide you with class credit or tuition refund.
  • Students should be accompanied by a parent or guardian into the building and should be picked up from inside the building.  Spectrum cannot be responsible for students who are dropped off outside or who venture outside to be picked up.
  • Spectrum does not provide supervision of students outside of the classroom. Students arriving early for class or who are waiting to be picked up are expected to conduct themselves appropriately.
  • Respecting other students is expected from every member of Spectrum.
  • Spectrum reserves the right to suspend, dismiss, or refuse services to any student whose attitude or behavior conflicts with the standard of the School or whose actions are deemed detrimental to other students or the School as a whole.
  • To prevent injury and promote professional conduct, students will be asked to observe class if they are more than 10 minutes late.  If a student is late to class, they should briefly explain why to the instructor and ask permission to take class.  If a student is observing class due to injury, please inform the instructor before the class, and then observe and take notes.
  • Visitors, parents, and friends may observe classes in session from the observation windows. No one is allowed inside the studios while classes are in session without permission from the instructor.
  • Photography and videotaping by parents are not allowed without prior permission from SDT and the instructor.
  • Sound systems, air conditioning, heaters, fans and other studio equipment may be operated by instructors and staff only.
  • Rough housing, climbing on Barres, throwing objects, and running are not allowed in the halls or studio.
  • Spectrum is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Lost and Found is kept in a box in the lobby. Articles remaining in lost and found for an extended period of time will be donated to charity.
  • Please use the dressing rooms to change clothes.
  • Please do not leave dance bags, purses, or other valuables unattended in the lobby or dressing rooms. Spectrum is not responsible for lost of stolen items.
  • No gum, food, or drink in the studios. Water is the only beverage allowed inside the studios. Please remember to bring your water bottle with you when you leave.
  • Please help keep the lobby clean by utilizing the trash and recycle bins in the lobby.Spectrum reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Classes are subject to change. Management reserves the right to engage a substitute teacher when the regular teacher cannot attend class.
  • Attendance is very important. When a student misses class(es) it impacts the student as well as the class as a whole. Absences may affect the student advancing to the next level, participating in Spectrum’s Holiday Performance, participating in the All School Demonstration, and continuing to attend that particular class. The following guidelines will be implemented for unexcused absences:
    • After a third absence within a seven-week session, student(s) will be automatically removed from the class. There will be no refund or class credit without a medical note from a licensed practitioner.

      If a student has 2 absences within a seven-week session, they will be contacted by Spectrum staff to find out about the status of the student and if the student should be removed from the class list. Spectrum will make all efforts to work with families to ensure student(s) can come back to class.

  • The following dress codes will be observed in Spectrum’s Children and Youth Division classes; any exceptions to these dress codes will have to be approved by class instructor or Joshua Crouch, School Principal.


Beginning the 2012-2013 Season, we are implementing new dance attire requirements for all dance students to be admitted into class. No jewelry should be worn to class. This includes large earrings, watches, bracelets, and necklaces. Please note that each level of ballet will have a required color of leotard according to level (SKIRTS AND TUTUS ARE NOT ALLOWED). Tank, camisole, or capsleve leotards are allowed for all levels.

  • Creative Dance: Comfortable clothing that allows the dancer to move. Bare feet or ballet slippers. If hair is long, pulled neatly off of face.
  • Contemporary/Jazz/Lyrical/Choreography: Ladies wear any color tank leotard, pink or black tights with leggings or booty shorts; bare feet for contemporary or black leather jazz shoes for jazz and lyrical, hair pulled neatly off of face. Gentlemen wear any solid color cap sleeve or tank t-shirt, black footless leggings or tights; bare feet for contemporary, black leather jazz shoes for jazz and lyrical, dance belt.
  • Ballet (Pre-ballet-Ballet VII): Ladies for all classes wear pink convertible or footed tights, pink leather ballet slippers, hair pulled back neatly off face in a bun. Gentlemen wear black fitted ankle length leggings or black footless tights, white short sleeve or tank t-shirt tucked into tights or leggings, white ankle socks and black split sole leather ballet slippers, dance belt.
    • Pre-Ballet: Light Pink
    • Ballet I: Light Blue
    • Ballet II: Light Yellow
    • Ballet III: Purple (Deep)
    • Ballet IV: Teal (Deep)
    • Ballet V: Burgundy
    • Ballet VI: Navy
    • Ballet VII: Black


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