The Children’s Division is designed to provide a rich, nurturing, and structured dance environment that focuses on the whole child and allows each child’s creativity and individuality to shine. Through the exploration of the concepts of movement, introduction to technique, stories, dance games and use of props, students develop movement skills, social skills, enhanced creativity, and enhanced brain development that will support them as they move up to more advanced classes or to other activities. The Children’s Division is for ages walking through seven years and includes Movement with Your Toddler, Creative Dance, Creative Tap and Pre-Ballet.


Movement with Your Toddlers (ages 18-36 months)

Creative Movement (ages 3.5-5)

Pre-Ballet (ages 5-7)

Pre-Tap (ages 5-9)

young boy tap dancing

Movement With Your Toddlers (18-36 months)

Introduces the building blocks to Creative Movement and incorporates social/emotional-bonding time between child and care-taker. We warm-up with the Braindance (developed by Anne Green Gilbert) using fun rhymes and songs to strengthen the body’s developmental patterns, explore a new dance concept with props, practice rhythm using instruments, and experience working as a group in a weekly circle dance that incorporates the dance concept of the day. Children will have numerous opportunities to play and dance together with partner activities and an exploratory obstacle course.

Creative Movement (3.5-5)

Learning appreciation for inclusiveness and compassion begins at an early age. In Creative Movement (ages 3 1/2 – 5) we explore a new dance concept each week – such as size, level, and rhythm – using fun props to bring novelty and creative play to learning, which enhances creativity, appreciation for diversity and problem solving. Novelty is met with repetition and consistency of certain exercises and skills each week to provide a sense of safety and trust, and allow brains to hardwire patterns that are essential for reading, social behavior, emotional stability, balance and coordination.

Pre-Ballet Program (5-7)

Drawing upon elements from the various international methods of European classical dance training – Russian (Vaganova), American (Balanchine), Danish (Bourneville), French, English (Royal Academy derived from the Ceccheti/Italian method) – to create our own unique version of American classicism. We place a strong emphasis on body placement, correct and proper execution of movement, musicality, rhythmic acumen, coordination, clarity of the body’s form and proportions while moving, simplicity of demeanor and an unmannered decorum and deportment.

Pre-Tap (5-9)

This class is a fun, creative introduction to the technique of tap dancing and dancing in general. Children ages 5-9, will learn the basics of tap while playing games, singing songs, giggling, and making friends! All they need is a pair of tap shoes, and their shiny hearts, minds and spirits ready to play and learn! And at the end pf the year, they will get to share everything they’ve learned through performance.