The mission of The School of Spectrum Dance Theater is to provide expert dance instruction in diverse dance forms to all.

The School of Spectrum Dance Theater is a reflection of the artistic standards set forth by Donald Byrd, exemplified by the motto “Dance for All.”

While we recognize that there are certain physical attributes that are necessary to rise to the highest levels of being a professional dancer, at the center of The School’s values is a belief that Dance is for All.  We believe that an “ideal body” for dance is one that moves well, and not one that necessarily conforms to a visual representation of an “ideal.”

School News

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    The Academy Showcase May 11 & 12
    October 3, 2018
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    The Choreography Showcase
    September 10, 2018
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    Summer at Spectrum
    August 30, 2018
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    Classes & Registration
    August 20, 2018