The mission of The School of Spectrum Dance Theater is to provide expert dance instruction in diverse dance forms to all.

The School of Spectrum Dance Theater is a reflection of our motto, “Dance For All.”

While we recognize that there are certain physical attributes that are necessary to rise to the highest levels of being a professional dancer, at the center of The School’s values is a belief that Dance is for All.  We believe that an “ideal body” for dance is one that moves well and not one that necessarily conforms to a visual representation of an “ideal.”

Browse the variety of Summer classes, camps and intensives for ALL ages and ALL experiences below!


tap dancing boy

AGES: 3 – 11


young girls in ballet class

AGES: 7 – 18


tap dancing boy

AGES: 15 – 65+


tap dancing boy

AGES: 18mo – 5YO


young girls in ballet class

AGES: 5YO – 18YO


tap dancing boy

AGES: 14YO – 19YO

dedication – discipline devotion – dance

The staff and School Director, Stephanie Guiland, welcome you to The School of Spectrum Dance Theater! Read below for more information regarding school policies and class placements. 


Male-identifying students are asked to wear black fitted ankle-length leggings or black footless tights with a white or black short sleeve tee. Gender-fluid or nonconforming students may select the uniform that best suits their gender expression and preference.

Placement Required for Enrollment:
  • Ballet I-VII
  • Jazz I-V
  • Pointe
  • Beginning–Advanced Tap
  • Students must be enrolled in Ballet
  • for the following classes:
  • * Contemporary (Intro DB, DB I-IV)
  • * Jazz I-V
  • * Beginning–Advanced

Please adhere to the placement your child received from Spectrum. We reserve the right to adjust placement for students who are registered for classes that are not appropriate for their ability level as based on our standards.

important 2023/24 dates

  • September 11th – Session 1 Classes Begin
  • October 30th – Session 2 Classes Begin
  • January 2nd – Session 3 Classes Begin
  • February 26th – Session 4 Classes Begin
  • April 22nd – Session 5 Classes Begin
  • June 8th – Last Day of School!

Closed Dates:

  • November 11th -Veterans Day
  • November 23rd – 26th – Thanksgiving
  • December 18th – January 1st – Winter Break
  • January 15th – MLK Jr. Day
  • February 19th- 24th – Mid-Winter Break with a possible camp
  • April 8th- 13th – Spring Break
  • May 27th – Memorial Day

Showcases & Performances: 
Winter Holiday Show – Dates TBD
Choreography Showcase – Dates TBD
Academy Showcase – Dates TBD
ASD Dress Rehearsals at Spectrum Dance Theater Studios – Dates TBD
All School Demonstration (ASD) – May 24th to 26th

In the event of inclement weather, The School of Spectrum Dance Theater follows the Seattle Public Schools weather policy. Please check our website at www.spectrumdance.org, Facebook page, or Instagram Account. We will also attempt to update our voicemail, so please call the school at (206) 325- 4161.

  • Students are registered when full payment has been received, and all paperwork is completed, signed, and returned to Spectrum Dance Theater.
  • Tuition is non-refundable unless there is a medical note from a licensed practitioner.
  • Spectrum reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment. If Spectrum cancels a class, we will provide you with a tuition refund or credit for another class.
  • Respecting other students is expected from every person at Spectrum. We reserve the right to suspend, dismiss, or refuse services to any student whose attitude or behavior conflicts with the standard of The School or whose actions are deemed detrimental to other students of The School as a whole.
  • To prevent injury and promote professional conduct, students will be asked only to observe class if they are more than 10 minutes late. If students are late, they must briefly explain why to the instructor and ask permission to take the class. If a student observes class due to injury, please inform the instructor before class, observe, and take notes.
  • Visitors, parents, and friends may observe classes in session from the observation windows. No one is allowed inside the studios while classes are in session without permission from the instructor.
  • Spectrum reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. • Classes are subject to change. Spectrum reserves the right to engage a substitute instructor when the assigned cannot attend for any reason.
  • Dress codes for the school’s Children and Youth divisions will be explained to students before the initial class and will be strictly enforced.
  • Attendance is critical. When a student misses class, it impacts the student and the class as a whole. Absence may affect the student’s advancement to the next level and their eligibility to participate in Holiday Performances or All School Demonstration.

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