MOVEMENT: Imagining Futures

Spectrum Dance Theater's Annual Fundraising Gala

At Spectrum Dance Theater, we believe resiliency isn’t always about bouncing back to normal; it’s about adapting to and embracing new normals.

Imagining Futures is a commitment to innovation, resilience, equity, accessibility, inclusivity, social change, human rights, and climate justice. It is the heartbeat of our work and the ethos of our community.

As we continue our exploration of Race & Climate Change, specifically the impact of climate change on various racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups in our country, we invite you to imagine the future of Spectrum Dance Theater with us at this year’s virtual gala, MOVEMENT: Imagining Futures.

Your support of MOVEMENT: Imagining Futures is an investment in the future of dance as a civic instrument, a catalyst for change, and a voice for our youth, artists, and shared community.

We appreciate your support of Spectrum Dance Theater!
If you are interested in sponsoring MOVEMENT: Imagining Futures or would like more information about the event, please email Lauren Farris at development@spectrumdance.org.