Luigi Style Jazz Master Class with Daunne Zinger
Mon, Mar 5th 7:30 pm // Mon, Mar 12th 7:30 pm
$18 per class
Daunne Zinger has been dancing since she was eight years old, initially taking classes in ballet and jazz at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. She obtained a BA degree in Dance from the University of Washington in 2011, specializing in integrated dance, modern and classic jazz.
Daunne is a recognized advocate, teacher and lecturer of the Luigi Jazz dance technique. She was fortunate to study directly with Luigi at his New York City studio from 2008 until his passing in 2015. She now travels frequently to NYC to study with Luigi’s longtime protégé Francis Roach. Daunne has committed herself to promote this classic jazz technique and dance style to as many dancers as possible to ensure that it is not lost for future generations. She teaches Luigi dance master classes/workshops throughout the Pacific Northwest and has presented Luigi jazz workshops at the last two National Dance Education Organization’s annual conferences.
Daunne teaches regular Luigi jazz dance, tap and creative movement classes in her hometown of Langley, WA. When Daunne is not teaching, she can be found choreographing musical theater productions for several community theater groups on Whidbey Island.
Upcoming Performances:
  • All School Demo – June 9th.
  • Mandatory Dress Rehearsal – June 6th + 7th at Spectrum, June 8th at Ikea Performing Arts Center 4:30 pm -7:30 pm.