Global DanceSPEAK 2022

Global DanceSpeak is a free virtual workshop series that provides a vibrant exchange with Seattle-based artists from a range of art practices.

Open to youth ages 10-18, participants will explore movement and storytelling. Through a series of classes facilitated by Spectrum Dance Theater instructors, students will engage with the digital space using art to express themselves and connect with each other. Together we will explore how to translate each of our unique movement expressions into the virtual format.

Through creative activities centering on new themes each year, we will see how art is and can be an essential part of our community. Join us as we exchange in movement, storytelling, and togetherness.

No prior dance experience required, we welcome students of all levels!




Photos by Marcia Davis


Can students still participate if they cannot attend all classes?
Yes! Though we strongly encourage consistent attendance, students should not be discouraged from participating if they cannot attend every class. 

What should students wear?
Any clothes that they feel comfortable moving in. Sweatpants and gym shorts are a great option. 

Send us an email at communityengagement@spectrumdance.org

DanceSPEAK programming is made possible by support from: