At Spectrum Dance Theater, it is our priority to keep everyone safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will strive to abide by governmental guidelines as we keep our community’s, as well the general public’s health in mind. This return to work action plan details how we plan to reopen and still keep all students, Company dancers, administrative staff, and School faculty safe to every extent possible. This plan, which pulls from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidance, highlights the responsibilities of managers and employees, and outlines the steps it is taking to address COVID-19.            

While we will implement various protocols to ensure your safety, it’s up to you and your fellow Spectrum community members to execute these protocols daily. By releasing this return to work action plan, Spectrum hopes to clearly communicate our plans moving forward, highlight workplace protocols in place to protect your safety, and establish a level of comfort for everyone as we return to the studio.    

We understand that everyone’s situation is different and we encourage those with specific risks or concerns to reach out to the Interim School Principal, Executive Director, or Artistic Director.        

Please note that neither this plan, nor any of Spectrum’s other plans or policies constitute a contract of employment or create any specific contractual right or obligation between Spectrum and its employees or any individual employee. Spectrum must be able to respond flexibly to changing circumstances as they arise, and for this reason, this plan does not promise specific treatment in specific situations. The guidelines contained in this plan are subject to changes and exceptions without prior notice, at Spectrum’s discretion. All decisions regarding the application or interpretation of this plan are also at Spectrum’s discretion.

Return to Work Policies for the School and the Company            

We’ve created a tentative approach for asking everyone to return to work. Our approach to reopening mirrors the guidelines included in the Washington State “Safe Start” Plan.            

Initial Breakdown

  • All individuals in the building wear masks for the duration of their time in the building.
  • Before classes start, COVID monitor wipes down all commonly touched surfaces.
  • Parents walk their child to the glass doors, students enter and parents remain outdoors.
  • Students are greeted by a COVID monitor who takes their temperature and asks them a few simple questions about their symptoms and if they’ve been exposed to family or friends who have been infected. If they answer yes, they must exit the building immediately. If students are waiting outside to be greeted by the COVID monitor they must maintain a distance of 6 feet from one another. 
  • If students feel ill, they must exit class and have the front desk call their parents to collect them immediately (if possible). Students will stay inside in the front area of the building until a parent can pick them up.
  • Students are offered hand sanitizer and a disposable mask if they do not have one, then directed to place their belongings in a cubby, wash their hands, and find their designated spot in the studio for their class.
  • If the studio is not cleaned yet, students may wait on decals placed 6ft apart until entering the studio.
  • Studios will have designated barre spots marked with tape, and large squares will delineate each student’s space to stand center floor.
  • Each student will be assigned a color or a letter that will remain the same for all classes.
  • Along the perimeter of the room will be taped “zones,” also color coded, where students may place their water bottle.
  • Students may leave the studio at any time to take a mask break, including standing outside for fresh air if needed (entrance and exit procedures follow, maintaining 6 feet distance between others, and sanitize again upon entrance).
  • The Dance Instructor will be responsible for wiping down barres and enforcing social distancing during classes.
  • Dance Instructors will be responsible for strict cleaning procedures between classes before a new group of students enters the studio.
  • All classes will have staggered start and end times (by 15min) so there is only ever one group of students in the common areas at one time.
  • After class, students retrieve their belongings and exit the building immediately (within 5min of class ending) through the south side door.
  • Parents may line up and wait for students outside the south side door with masks on and appropriate 6ft distance between them.     



It’s important to note that these protocols are tentative and are subject to change based on state and local guidance, and the pandemic itself. Please continually check the Washington State Department of Health website for up-to-date information: www.doh.wa.gov. Should any student, company member, or staff test positive for COVID-19 after the studio reopens, our plan may change in an effort to protect everyone. In addition, if cases of COVID-19 spike again in our state or in our local area, we will consider whether to remain open or closed.

Workplace Protocols to Follow When Returning to Work       

Spectrum has implemented various workplace protocols designed to preserve the health and safety of our community as we return to the studio. This section further explains these protocols. For additional information, please reach out to the School Principal, Executive Director, or Artistic Director.


Employee Screening, Exposure, and Confirmed Illness Protocols

Keeping everyone safe is our priority. To accomplish this task, we have created various procedures for screening employees who return to work, dealing with exposure to COVID-19, responding to a confirmed case of COVID-19, and reporting transparency.            

Employee Screening Protocols
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission permits employers to measure employees’ body temperatures before allowing them to enter the worksite. Any employee screening that may be implemented will be conducted on a nondiscriminatory basis, and all information gleaned should be treated as confidential medical information—specifically, the identity of workers exhibiting a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms should only be shared with members of company management with a true need to know.

The company will implement a screening protocol for symptoms to be conducted before an employee enters the workspace. Employees will be asked a series of questions, including but not limited to: do they have any COVID-19 symptoms, have they had exposure to others with COVID-19 or COVID-like symptoms, and have they had a recent positive COVID-19 test result. Additionally, employees will have their temperature taken. Results will be tracked separately from any personnel records and will be kept confidential. If any employee answers yes to any of the screening questions and/or has a temperature above 100.0°F (37.8°C) they will not be permitted to enter the workplace and must either go home or seek medical attention. Employees unwilling to complete a COVID-19 screening will be sent home. 


COVID-19 Exposure and Confirmed Illness Protocol
Employees who test positive for COVID-19, or employees who were in close contact with someone who has tested positive, will be sent home immediately. Employees showing symptoms of COVID-19 should seek testing, as well as self-quarantine for 14 days.  When self-quarantining, employees should:

  • Stay away from other people in their home as much as possible, staying in a separate room and using a separate bathroom if available.
  • Not allow visitors.
  • Wear a face mask if they have to be around people.
  • Avoid sharing household items, including drinking cups, eating utensils, towels, and bedding.
  • Clean high-touch surfaces daily.
  • Continue monitoring their symptoms, calling their health care provider if their condition worsens.            

Notably, employees who are symptomatic or who have tested positive should not return to work until the following conditions are met:                 

Return to Work Considerations
Employee was symptomatic but was not tested for COVID-19.        


Employee tested positive for COVID-19.


The employee may return to work if:

  • At least fourteen days have passed since they were exposed to COVID-19.
  • They have not had a fever for at least 72 hours and have not used fever-reducing medication during that time.
  • Other symptoms have improved.

The employee may return to work if:

  • At least 10 days have passed since symptoms started.    
  • At least 24 hours have passed since resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications
  • Other symptoms have improved.           

When any students, Company dancers, administrative staff, or School faculty tests positive for COVID-19, deep-cleaning procedures will be triggered. Furthermore, employees who have been in close contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 (as defined by the CDC) will be instructed to self-quarantine
for 14 days and encouraged to seek a COVID-19 test. A negative test does not rule out COVID-19 and the full 14-day quarantine must be completed. Employees should be tested 48 hours or later from last exposure. If more than two employees test positive within a 14-day period, the local health department will be notified. A list of confirmed and suspected cases among students, Company dancers, administrative staff, and School faculty will be maintained, as well as a list of all exposed people. Spectrum will share this list with Public Health officials if it is deemed necessary.

Reporting Transparency Protocol

Any employee who experiences COVID-19 symptoms or who is unable to return to work under this plan (e.g., because the employee has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been in close contact caring for an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19) must notify the School Principal, Executive Director, or Artistic Director as soon as possible. The employee will be asked to assist with contact tracing, if applicable. This information will be tracked separately from personnel records, and names will not be released. Depending on the circumstances, the Company will notify impacted employees if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the workplace. If it has been less than 7 days since the sick employee was in the facility, Spectrum will close off any areas or shared equipment used for long periods of time by the sick person and wait 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting. Ventilation and air circulation will be increased during this waiting period. Spectrum also may elect to close the office for a period of up to 72 hours following a confirmed case to allow for natural deactivation of the virus.         



Social Distancing Protocol

Employees should follow social distancing best practices while at facilities, including but not limited to workstations, cafeterias, common areas, and office spaces. Specifically, employees are asked to:        

  • Stay 6 feet away from others when working or on breaks. 
  • Employees are required to keep a mask with them at all times while at work. Avoid job tasks that require face-to-face work with others when possible. Avoid contact with others whenever possible (e.g., handshakes).
  • Avoid touching surfaces that may have been touched by others when possible. 
  • Avoid gathering when entering and exiting the facility. Employees should also only enter and exit designated areas.
  • Follow any posted signage regarding COVID-19 social distancing practices. Disinfect their workspace often.
  • Avoid touching their face.
  • Avoid nonessential gatherings.
  • Avoid using common areas.                

Spectrum may modify our social distancing guidelines after the studio reopens. Please monitor your email and adhere to any additional guidance as it is provided.



Employee Health and Safety Protocols

The success of our return to work action plan relies on how well everyone follows social distancing and health and safety protocols. We are currently working to ensure that the HVAC system in the building meets ASHRAE standards and in the meantime have implemented the following protocols to ensure your health and safety: There are 4 GermGuardian 4-in-1 UV Light Sanitizer Air Purifier Tower with True HEPA Filter (two in each studio), and 10 mini air purifiers throughout the building. Additionally, the external building doors will remain open and monitored during business hours.

Please bring any concerns regarding the following protocols to the Interim School Principal, Executive Director, or Artistic Director immediately.                

General Employee Health and Hygiene
Practicing good hygiene is essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Do your part by practicing good hygiene at work and at home:            

  • Regularly wash your hands for at least 30 seconds throughout the day with warm water and soap, specifically before eating.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. 
  • Wash reusable face masks often.            

To help employees remain healthy, Spectrum has hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes available throughout the studio. We have limited amounts of these supplies and will continue to restock as we are able. It is suggested that employees wash their hands more frequently than normal.

In addition, employees will keep a face mask with them at all times and are required to wear face coverings when in public and maintain physical distancing of 6 feet when possible. Employees will provide their own face coverings in accordance with CDC guidelines. It is required that employees wear face coverings when entering and exiting the building and when using common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and the lobby at all times. Spectrum will maintain a small inventory of disposable masks as a backup to employee-provided PPE; gloves will be provided for cleaning but should be disposed of immediately afterward using proper removal techniques. Inventory quantities will be regularly tracked but cannot be guaranteed.        

Finally, employees who are feeling sick must stay home from the office. Employees who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness, should immediately seek medical attention and follow the guidance of a health care provider. Employees with symptoms of COVID-19 are required to stay home.                    

Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocol

All dancers/staff should do their part to help keep the studio as clean as possible by cleaning and disinfecting their area. Proper cleaning and disinfecting supplies will be provided by Spectrum. Prior to leaving the area, dancers/staff should disinfect all commonly touched surfaces so that it is ready for the next class. These include, but are not limited to, barres, portable tap floors, marley flooring, tables, doorknobs, and sound equipment. Employees should wear gloves while sanitizing, then safely dispose of the gloves and wash their hands with warm water and soap for at least 30 seconds.

Studio Procedures for Guests
Until further notice, all nonessential visitors are prohibited. 

Spectrum may add to this list of workplace procedures as employees return to work. All company dancers and staff should monitor workplace communications to ensure they’re up to date on all health and safety communications.

Pandemic Response Team
To ensure that employees receive clear communications, Spectrum has created a pandemic response team. A pandemic response team is a cross-functional team that recommends and oversees workplace protocols to control the spread of COVID-19. Spectrum’s team will include the following roles and individuals assigned to them:                

COVID-19 prevention and protocols lead—The School Principal, Executive Director, and/or Artistic Director is responsible for recommending and developing protocols to ensure the wellness of all students and staff. They are also tasked with overseeing procedures for isolating employees should they become sick at work.                

Sanitization and disinfection lead—The School Principal, Executive Director, and/or Artistic Director will manage logistics related to daily and periodic sanitation and disinfection efforts. Their responsibilities include ensuring that routine cleanings are completed and that the necessary cleaning supplies are readily available.            

Designated Directors/Leads— Administrative staff will report to the Executive Director. School faculty will report to the School Principal. Company dancers will report to the Artistic Director. Directors/Leads are required to have familiarized themselves with the details of the action plan and are prepared to answer questions from employees. They are required to set a good example by adhering to the guidelines prescribed in the plan.                

All staff—Every member of our community plays a critical role in our COVID-19 prevention efforts. Please use this plan as a guide of best practices and protocols that you are required to follow.


As communicated throughout this return to work action plan, we are prioritizing the health of our community every step of the way as we consider reopening our doors.            

We will execute our plan cautiously, following applicable state and local guidance as much as possible. We also understand that everyone’s needs and situations will be different as our doors begin to reopen. Dancers and staff should discuss any concerns they have about returning to work as it relates to their personal health or situation with the School Principal, Executive Director, or Artistic Director.            

Finally, we ask that everyone be patient and understanding of the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic may require our return to work plans to change. Dancers/Staff will be given as much notice as possible in the event of an unforeseen setback or closure.            

Employees should direct questions regarding the content of this action plan to the School Principal, Executive Director, or Artistic Director. While the strategies highlighted in this document can protect workers from COVID-19, it’s important to follow the Washington State Department of Health guidelines at all times. For more information visit, www.doh.wa.gov.            

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