2021/22 SEASON


Fall of 2021 the season will open with OCCURRENCE #10. The Company will mark the return of this much-loved tradition on October 28, 2021 before a live, in-person audience. While the structure of each OCCURRENCE follows the same format, each has a different intent. This season, Donald Byrd will be welcoming new members to the Spectrum Dance Theater Company and OCCURRENCE #10 will be the first production with those new members.
The Harlem Nutcracker
The Harlem Nutcracker utilizes Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn’s “Nutcracker Suite” as a musical starting point. The original story centers around an African-American family in Harlem on Christmas Eve, and the production highlights the unique warmth and centrality of the grandmother in African-American culture, the resilience of Black American families and Harlem as a center of the African Diaspora. This December, Spectrum will present the third phase of the production which will include sequences that follow the Party Scene.


The Spectrum Dance Theater Company will dive into a brand new season revisiting two classic repertory works for fall 2021. As the School of Spectrum Dance Theater and the Academy Division return to in-person instruction, the Company will also return to the stage with fresh iterations of OCCURRENCE and Donald Byrd’s The Harlem Nutcracker (Workshop). Last season, the Company focused on resilience. This season, the Company will use that momentum in order to present works that challenge thought processes, systems, and legacies.

The fall 2021 repertory season will include two live productions: one in-studio and one in theaters. Spectrum will also welcome several new artists into the Company each bringing their own life experiences to the work, promising new perspectives and interpretations of the well-known Byrd choreography.

“My intention is to introduce each to you in a way that you, the audience, are able to see them as I do – young, gifted dance artists ready for the transforming Spectrum experience. MEET THE NEW SPECTRUM DANCE THEATER!” – Donald Byrd

Strange Fruit