APRIL 18-21, 2019
Crises – Merce Cunningham 
NEW Byrd – Donald Byrd
N O R A E F A – Vincent Michael Lopez 



(1960) – Merce Cunningham 
Official Global Centennial Celebration of the Merce Cunningham LEGACY PRODUCTION. First performed at the Thirteenth American Dance Festival in the summer of 1960, Crises was described by Cunningham as “an adventure in togetherness.”

NEW Byrd

(World Premiere) – Donald Byrd
This new work is inspired by, and intended to celebrate, the centenary of the birth and the legacy of Merce Cunningham. The Global Centennial celebrating Merce Cunningham showcases works spanning Cunningham’s more than seven decade career including Spectrum Dance Theater’s production of Crises, along with works by practicing artists that speak directly to his legacy of which Donald Byrd’s new work is offered.


(2017) * – Vincent Michael Lopez
N O R A E F A  is made up of two words. The translation of the word Nora comes from the Latin word for Light. The translation of the word Efa comes from the Hebrew meaning of the word darkness. With the help of artist Bartholomaus Traubeck and his album Years, the performance tells a story made of an organism on another plane of existence with six different embodiments representing events that can occur in the human experience. 
.* Company Premiere
† 20th Century Masters Series – These presentations commemorate the centenary of the birth of these masters.